Indian National Congress: Once a Popular Party, Now Struggling to Breathe in Indian Politics

The All India National Congress (AINC) is unable to recover in Indian politics since the outburst of Modi’s bubble in the country.

As Modi swept the elections nationwide in his last two terms, AINC is facing difficulty breathing in most of the territories of the country.

When AINC won the Punjab state’s election in 2017, the party reacted with joy and elation. However, the troubles of the party are just fomenting over time as the party’s Punjab leadership is locking horns with each other.

A Wave of Resignation in Indian Congress has Pushed the Party in Trouble

Amarinder Singh, the Chief Minister of Punjab, resigned over the party’s internal rift, which also triggered the resignation of Congress Punjab President Navjot Singh Sidhu.

This wave of resignation from the Congress ranks has disturbed the party in its only stronghold in India.

The stakes are even high for the party, as the former Chief Minister can change his party anytime soon to patch up with the biggest party of India, i.e., the Bhartia Janta Party (BJP). If he teams up with his rivals, the Punjab Congress will probably shatter altogether.

While many anticipated the resignation of the chief minister, the resignation of the party’s president was a shock to most.

Sidhu was the most-respected Congress politician of the country and a fine administrator.

Sidelining such a competent leader and a media figure having the charisma to pull people through his political and media presence is beyond any comprehension.

The divisions started within Punjab’s AINC when Sidhu became president of the party’s Punjab wing.

This former cricketer was part of the BJP since 2016 and served as a legislator under the saffron flag.

However, he parted ways with Modi’s party and joined his rivals. He is not only a politician but also a media figure, as he continues to get huge traction due to his involvement in a viral TV show “Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma.”

The party’s long-term loyal members were furious when Sidhu occupied the president’s seat, as they thought that they were not being paid what they deserved to be

However, Sidhu also indulged himself in some controversies as well recently, especially when he hugged Pakistani’s army chief in August 2019, which pushed him into a lot of trouble.

Critics at home censured him for doing so, as both India and Pakistan are considered as arch-rivals of each other.

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Sidhu-Amarinder Tussle: The Reason for Congressional Destruction in Indian Punjab

The Sidhu-Amarinder tussle was destined to end this way. Despite the fact that Sidhu served in Amarinder’s cabinet, the distances between both the top leaders were only mounting with every passing day.

Both of them tried to reconcile, and Party President Sonia Gandhi tried to bring them to one platform, but nothing happened.

Amarinder labeled Sidhu pro-Pakistan, a sentiment which sells in Indian elections greater than anything else.

This is the reason why the former chief minister said that he would find a candidate against Sidhu in the next elections, as he is dangerous for the country.

While Amarinder has signaled to leave Congress, there are two possibilities in front of him right now, i.e., either he can join BJP or start his new political party.

However, joining BJP can be a smooth road for him, as the party is already accepted nationwide, which could pave his way toward the top leadership.

Whatever route Arminder goes, the vote bank of Congress is bound to decline in Punjab, owing to the appeal which he had in the province.


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Final Thoughts

The Aam Admi Party (AAP) would also be happy with this internal Congressional tussle, as it is the primary contender for Congress in Punjab province.

AAP can intensify its efforts in the province to snatch power once again as Congress continues a free-fall motion.